Let me be your light

Let me be your light

During this time of uncertainty and (and chaotic hot mess!), you may be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and unsure of how to proceed with your travel plans, both already booked, and possibly new upcoming plans. This is a new world we live in now, and it changes daily and will continue to change very quickly as new developments arise. 

It is important to understand the facts and how it relates to you and your situation without getting caught up in the frenzy of new information with headlines that are designed to grab your attention, and cause fear. Fear is scary and we are delving into a lot of unknown, in a new territory so we need to have a level head on our shoulders to really understand all the moving parts of the situation. 

But we will get through it. We will guide you as we need to, to help you through your specific situations so that you can book with confidence and travel with as much updated information we have at hand. As situations change, we will be in your corner only a phone call, a text or an email away. Booking your travels with a travel advisor has proven to be an invaluable treasure in helping travellers through a lot of confusion and apprehension. Let me be your light in guiding you through the murky waters of uncertainty. Have faith in us, our abilities and our understanding of the situation at hand to guide you. 

And while I have always respected your decisions to book your cruise or your vacation packages online through a “cheaper” travel site or through an (unnamed) big box wholesale club that gives you back savings cards to spend in their store, my continued service to you and your trip saves you time (and money) in assisting you through these types of situations that cannot be measured in dollars when faced with them.

I say this with love and support, but I am unable to help you in these situations if you did not book your travel through me. I would love to help where I can, but I can only help you if you book your trip through me. 

So please, the next time you are planning any type of travel, please think about booking through a professional travel specialist, a travel advisor who can inform you of the facts as we know them and how they pertain to you, to advocate on your behalf where needed and to give you the peace of mind you seek in times of uncertainty. 

Choose facts over frenzy. Choose faith over fear. Choose to book your travels with a trusted travel advisor. 

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