Tips for the Perfect First Time Camping with the Kids

Tips for the Perfect First Time Camping with the Kids

Whether you’re a novice camper or a veteran, there are still tips to pick up for each new journey. Today we will talk about what is important to know before setting off on your journey. The planning behind any trip is ultimately what makes the trip a success. Therefore, be aware of road closures, insurance and more!

Plan your route well

Planning a route is important. You do not want to stray off the beaten track and you want to ensure that you have each place mapped out. Be aware of any disruptions on each road you travel. Are there roadworks and will you need to divert? Is there going to be a specific week of bad weather that could disrupt travel. Always make sure that you have an alternate route mapped out. Naturally, this will depend on the type of trip that you want to take. 

Is it a nature camping trip, a jeep tour, an extreme hike (scuba diving, surfing, parachuting…), a road trip with camping stops? Once you’ve decided where your trip is, now you have to plan your trip end-to-end: How many days are we talking about? How many people? Do you plan to eat mainly outside or prepare food in advance? If so, where are you going to store the food? How many cars? Do you need a tent? What is your itinerary? What’s the pace of the people joining you?  This will assist you in planning where you travel to. If you are travelling with people who are a little infirm, you will not want to take them to rocky mountainous terrain; but rather a placid lake with flat walking areas. 

Preparation is key for everything. You have most likely already looked at the equipment you will be taking. Your tents and your cooking appliances, but have you looked into the specifics? If you have a larger group, what cooking appliance is best? Butane Vs Propane Stove for example? 

Leave room for spontaneity

Try to leave a day or a few hours off, which will just allow you to walk around and enjoy the place you chose to walk. One of the advantages of a trip is to meet people. Try to get out of your regular group and get to know people who have built their camp alongside you or even talk to the couple in the small pub you found on the way. You can’t know who you’ll meet and what unique experiences you’ll have together. You may even make some friends for life. Therefore communicating and sharing is part of the journey when you are on a camping trip. Singing round the fire, making s’mores. Don’t feel too stressed at building a strict itinerary but have all the safety precautions there just in case. Keep fully charged phones and GPS. Keep plenty of water on you and most of all, enjoy this time with your family. Kids never forget a camping trip – and neither do the adults. Plan well and enjoy your first time camping! 

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