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Planning a Round-the-World Trip

Wanderlust – the majority of us have been hit by it at some point or another. This is the unique feeling of wanting to travel far and wide, experiencing new things, seeing new sites, and immersing yourself in different cultures. Now, many of us satisfy our wanderlust with an occasional holiday overseas. But if a…

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Stunning Reasons to Volunteer with Animal Abroad

Animals are the most wonderful thing on our planet. Before we were living and dominating our landscape, animals were thriving and enjoying free reign of the world and they were able to grow and diversify into many species.  Of course, with the rise in human population we have had an impact on the world and…

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Everything you need in your suitcase for a vacation at Disney World

Has your countdown to visiting Disney World already begun? Here are some of the things we recommend you squeeze into your travel bag.  Comfortable Shoes You’ll do a lot of walking around Disney World. The theme park provides complimentary travel options to the different parks and Disney Springs. But once you’re inside you’re on your…

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Essaouria is a Seaside Destination protected by 18th Century Fortress Walls

Morocco is increasing in popularity among Westerns. Not all but many of us have gone to sunshine heavy destinations in Europe. Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and even in the south of France, we have enjoyed the hot baking sun and classic southern European food. Once you’ve been to such places a few times, you want…

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