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Essaouria is a Seaside Destination protected by 18th Century Fortress Walls

Morocco is increasing in popularity among Westerns. Not all but many of us have gone to sunshine heavy destinations in Europe. Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and even in the south of France, we have enjoyed the hot baking sun and classic southern European food. Once you’ve been to such places a few times, you want…

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Splashing the Cash for a Romantic Getaway

Romantic getaways are a big deal in relationships. If you’ve got a partner that you love and cherish, you’re going to want to take them away on a dreamy, loving escape, to whisk them off their feet and help you show them just how much they mean to you. But romantic getaways can get a…

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5 Best Places to Visit in and Around Perth

Western Australia has so much to offer visitors, with a rich history, plenty of culture, beautiful beaches, and beautiful open spaces. Perth, in particular, is a convenient base for your trip to Western Australia and is the state’s capital city. Perth offers visitors the perfect blend of both a city break and a beach holiday.…

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Must- Visit Destinations for your Australian Bucket List

With incredible beaches, fascinating cultures, wonderful wildlife, and a plethora of cities to explore, it’s no wonder that Australia ranks highly on many people’s bucket lists. Chances are, you may well have considered visiting the land Down Under yourself. But here’s the thing about Australia. It is absolutely huge, so you are never going to…

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The World’s 10 Greatest Wildlife Destinations

A trip to the zoo sometimes doesn’t cut it. For those of us that love animals, travelling can be a great opportunity to see rare and exotic creatures in their natural habitat. Here are ten of the top destinations around the world for spotting wildlife. Husavik, Iceland Husavik in Iceland is famous for its whale…

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Far, Far Away! The Far East for the Family

When you’re looking out to bring the best version of you, naturally your children can sometimes thwart that! Heading on vacation with the family can be a very tiring excursion, especially if you’re venturing far from home. A continent like the Far East may be a bit too far for so many of us, but…

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Disneyland or Disney World? Which one should we go to?

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is regarding visiting Disneyland or Disney World…..which one is better? Such a loaded question! And one that does not have any right answer. Because both are wonderful vacations in their own individual ways. Each is unique and different so I will try to quickly summarize some…

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