Top 6 Diving Spots to visit in Japan

Top 6 Diving Spots to visit in Japan

Japan is the perfect destination for travelers seeking adventure. There’s so much to see here from the glorious temples; to the stunning castles; majestic natural landscapes; and plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are delicious foods to sample, the beautiful culture to experience, and of course many amazing spots to go diving. If you’re wondering where you should start with diving in Japan, let’s take a look at some of the most popular diving spots.

1 . Chichijima, Tokyo

Chichijima is one of the best diving spots in Japan, located to the south of Tokyo. Here you can spot sea turtles, and discover sunken warships. There are unspoilt beaches, incredible wildlife, and some truly awe-inspiring views. Many people come to Chichijima to explore Hinko-Maru, (the sunken warship). Hinko Maru was a transport ship that sailed from Tanapag harbour, back in 1944. The US Navy attacked it’s convoy, and it was later destroyed by a torpedo. While you’re here, you’ll also get to experience the beautiful grounds of Ogamiyama Park.

2. Hateruma Island, Okinawa

Hateruma Island has a very peaceful atmosphere, it’s a small island, around 12km2. Visitors will love diving in the beautifully clear waters, and strolling on the gorgeous sandy beaches. Hateruma island is one of the best places to view the Southern Cross (the starry night sky). Head to the observations tower, to take a look at the ‘starry sky guide’, and learn about the Southern Cross. Hateruma is part of the Yaeyama Islands, well known for their beautiful coral reefs. Hateruma Island is considered one of the Best dive sites in Okinawa.

3. Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido

Shiretoko Peninsula is renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also a famous place for ice diving underneath the drift ice. As you can imagine, the water is incredibly cold throughout the drifting ice season, nevertheless, it’s an amazing experience. You might be lucky enough to spot a seal, as you dive through the beautiful ocean. Once you’ve had your diving adventure, make sure you check out Utoros spa. Don’t forget to sample the seafood here, you’re bound to find some of the most delicious dishes you’ve ever tasted!


4. Yonaguni

Yonaguni Island is to the west of Japan, over 2,000 km from Tokyo, close to the east of Taiwan. Yonaguni is a popular diving spot for anyone looking to catch a glimpse of the hammerhead sharks. The sharks migrate to Yonaguni each year from January to March.

Generally speaking, diving at Yonaguni is recommended for more experienced divers. If you’re a beginner it’s worth practicing a few easier dives, before you brave it here. You’ll get a de-briefing beforehand, and the instructors will suggest whether you have the diving skills you need. As well as the sharks, you’ll find tropical waters, and sunken ruins to explore. With so much beauty and adventure to be found, Yonaguni is definitely a destination for your bucket list.

5. Yoron Island, Kagoshima 

Yoron Island is a dream destination for divers, here you’ll find coral reefs, colorful aquatic life, and glorious beaches. Here you can catch a glimpse of clownfish, explore sandbars, and head out to the famous ‘disappearing beach’. While you’re here, be sure to check out the Southern Cross Center, at this museum you can learn about the history of the island, and the famous star-shaped sands. At the Folk Village you can check out some Japanese crafts and get involved with some creative workshops.


6. Miyako Island, Okinawa

Miyako Island is well known for its stunning clear ocean, here you can discover the vivid coral reefs, and swim through the waters with sea turtles. Miyako Island is just southwest of Naha Island, another beautiful paradise to explore. Miyako is famous for its beaches, the best times to visit are between April and November. A few of the best beaches in Miyako include Maehama beach, Yoshino beach, and Sunayama Beach. With so many lovely beaches, you’ll certainly get some wonderful travel photos here. Whether you want an epic dive, or a nice relaxing sunbathing, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for here.

When you’re planning your 2021 traveling trip, you’ll want to ensure that you get organized. Before you head off diving in Japan you might want to take a few diving lessons. Some of these locations are fine for beginners, while at others you might find that it’s better to have at least some prior experience. Always follow the given safety instructions, and express any concerns to your guide, before you set off on your diving trip.

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