How to have a Travel Experience when you can’t travel

How to have a Travel Experience when you can’t travel

The past year has been difficult for those who enjoy a spot of globetrotting. Many people, all over the world, have seen their travel plans disrupted or cancelled altogether due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Of course, we all know the travel bans and restrictions are in place for good reason, but it does not stop us from feeling a little salty and sad about it, especially if travel is usually a significant part of your life.

While things are slowly – very slowly – beginning to return to normal, travel is one thing that is of yet still off the cards across most of the globe, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, to keep us all safe. But, when you are stuck at home, unable to socialize with your friends and do many of the things that you would usually do to take your mind off things, how can you stop yourself feeling disappointed?

The answer is to have an at-home travel experience!

Okay, so it is not the same as jumping on a plane and going off to a far-flung destination, but you can have fun. Let’s take a look at what you could do.

Have a staycation at home!

One of the things that most of us love about a vacation is the accommodation. It is something a little different from our normal home surroundings, quite often more luxurious. If you can’t get out to stay in a luxury hotel, you need to bring the luxury hotel feel to your home.

Think about what you love from your vacation accommodation and incorporate it into your home. It may be vases of fresh flowers dotted about, putting chocolates on your pillow and using that fancy hand soap you have in your cupboard. Dig out your fluffiest towels and hide away all your work-related clutter to make it feel like a tranquil space to chill out in.

Cook a meal from the area or country you would have been visiting

If you were going to Italy, learn to cook an authentic Italian meal. If you were going to France, why not get your hands on some escargots (yes, snails!) and give them a whirl? Were you planning on heading to the Key West for a trip? Have a go at making your own boat themed cocktails based on the history of the area? You get to try something a bit different and learn a new dish or drink recipe while you are at it – ideal for impressing with at future dinner parties!

Read a travel book or blog

Hit up Amazon or your local online bookstore and order some travel books. Find a cozy spot in your home, light a candle and travel across the world. Travel books are great for allowing us to create our own thoughts and ideas about a place, using our imagination to recreate scenes, sounds, sights and smells. Keep a notebook to hand and make some notes about what you think about it. If and when you eventually get to visit there for real, it can be interesting to look back at your notes and see how your thoughts and the reality compare. 

Travel blogs can also be a great way to get a ‘real’ look at what a place is like. Of course, you can follow plenty of Instagram influencers but be aware that many will only show the highlights or carefully curated images and experiences. A travel blog, however, should give you the positives and negatives of an area, allowing you to build up a true picture. It is a great way to find lesser-known places to check out and explore too.

Learn the language

If you are hoping to visit a country that speaks a different language to you when the restrictions are all lifted, why not use the lockdowns and your time at home to learn the language? Ok, so it takes many, many hours of learning to become fluent, but you can give yourself a head start and at least learn a few of the basic phrases. There are plenty of resources available on the internet, depending on how much commitment you are prepared to make. Duolingo is a good free app to use if you only have a few minutes here and there to spare.

Coronavirus might have put a pause on plans for now, but it can’t stop you from having fun at home. A bit of creativity is all you need – and it will make when you can get back on a plane even more special. 

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