5 Ethical Travel Tips for the Summer

5 Ethical Travel Tips for the Summer

Summer is not far away and if you’re like most people you will be planning ahead. It’s exciting to think about what new places you might discover and adventures you might have. But remember to be responsible and travel with as little impact as possible on the planet and the environment. Below are five tips to help you out. 

Try not to fly 

It’s well known now that flying is one of the biggest causes of air pollution and it has the biggest carbon output of any form of transport. The carbon is also emitted at high altitudes meaning it contributes more to the greenhouse gas effect. 

That’s not to say all forms of flying are bad and you shouldn’t do it, just bear the impact I’m mind when you plan your summer vacation. There are other ways to get to places, like taking the train, and these can also be part of the holiday. 

Use local services 

The world is now globalised which means that you recognise familiar brands everywhere you go. There’s always a chance to buy your favourite fast food in a city on the other side of the world. But this doesn’t really help local people or the local economy. 

If you want to travel ethically this summer think about how and where you’re spending your money. Do you want to line the pockets of the multinational companies some more or invest in the local places and ethical travel accessories

Travel light 

The tip goes back to the ethical flying idea. But it also helps you to minimize your life and spend less, all of which contribute to lower carbon emissions. It also helps switch your mindset from consumption to conservation. 

When you only want it, you need to reduce the overall weight of the plane and cause it to burn less fuel. It might not make a notable difference at first but the more people do this the more of an impact it will make. Spread the word.

Spread the word 

That takes us nicely onto the next tip. Spread the word, and not just about your attempts to travel light and save the plane’s fuel. You should shout about all your ethical travel efforts because they’re important and you inspire someone to do the same. 

It’s easy to spread the words about your efforts these days. Simply use your social media channels. You might even make the ethical travel idea part of your overall journey. Provide regular updates to followers on your ethical efforts. 

Go cruelty free

Many of the products you will use this summer for your holiday have been tested on animals. This includes sunscreen, makeup, skincare, and deodorants. There is no need for animals testing these days as there are plenty of cruelty free ways of testing products

Animals that are tested on live very sheltered and difficult lives. They are kept in cages for long periods to then have injections and tests. Don’t choose to support this practice on your holiday this year. Instead promote the alternatives. 

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