Far, Far Away! The Far East for the Family

Far, Far Away! The Far East for the Family

When you’re looking out to bring the best version of you, naturally your children can sometimes thwart that! Heading on vacation with the family can be a very tiring excursion, especially if you’re venturing far from home. A continent like the Far East may be a bit too far for so many of us, but there are many family-friendly destinations for you and the family to enjoy.


As it encapsulates a lot of what the Far East is about; beautiful sights, amazing food, and long, sandy beaches, you wouldn’t necessarily think that it has many opportunities for a whole family. In fact, there are plenty. In Bangkok, you can go to Jomtien beach and head to Pattaya Park. There you have numerous five-star restaurants, water parks, theme parks, and hotels to please everyone. The CEO of New Nordic International Kurt Svendheim set up a hotel in Pattaya because it didn’t have anything, but now, Pattaya is swimming with things to do. The waterpark has plenty of slides and whirlpools, and for the parents that need a few minutes to themselves, the private beach isn’t far away!

Hong Kong

While it’s a very obvious choice, Hong Kong Disneyland appeals to everybody. The fact that Disneyland is a place that can cater for all ages makes it the perfect choice, not to mention the fact that there are plenty of rides and attractions! You’ve also got the shows as well as the firework displays that appear over the famous Sleeping Beauty castle. But apart from this major attraction, you can head deep into the heart of Hong Kong Harbor, or go through Hong Kong Park. If you’re looking for a bit more culture, head to the Trick Eye Museum (and this is far from boring pictures), and if you want something a little bit more, the 3D Repulse Bay Visual Art Museum will give you plenty to gasp at!


Indonesia has many amazing islands, but Bali is one of the more popular, but this is for a very good reason! For the older children, there’s plenty of surfing to get involved in, but the younger children can play on the numerous beaches. And if this doesn’t appeal to everyone, there are some fantastic waterparks. There’s Waterbom Bali Park and Splash Waterpark, as well as plenty of options for the thrill seeker. Bali Treetop Adventure Park is top of the list for families looking to get some exercise along with their thrill-seeking!

Phu Quoc

This island in Vietnam provides many opportunities for families to relax. If you’re all so busy throughout the year and you need things to do, but also plenty of time to relax, the beaches will give you opportunities to swim, play, or just sunbathe. If you want to go snorkeling, there are plenty of boat trips that can take you out into the deep ocean. And if you really want to relax but feel like you’ve accomplished something, you could take an evening to go squid fishing. The tranquility of fishing combined with the beautiful sights gives you a sense of relaxing fulfillment.

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