Earth Day – Take the Pono Pledge

Island of Hawaii - Pono Pledge

Earth Day – Take the Pono Pledge

He pilina wehena ʻole ke aloha honua.

One’s love for the planet is an inseverable relationship.

Fitting for Earth Day, the Island of Hawaii’s Pono Pledge initiative reminds us that the pledge to our earth is simple and applicable to all of us. 

Pono Pledge, Hawaii
Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Captain Cook, Island of Hawaii

I pledge to be pono (righteous) on the island of Hawaii.

I will mindfully seek wonder, but not wander where I do not belong.

I will not defy death for breathtaking photos, or venture beyond safety.

I will malama (care for) land and sea, and admire wildlife only from afar.

Molten lava will mesmerize me, but I will not disrupt its flow.

I will not take what is not mine, leaving lava rocks and sand as originally found.

I will heed ocean conditions, never turning my back to the Pacific.

When rain falls ma uka (inland), I will remain high above ground, out of rivers and streams.

I will embrace the island’s aloha spirit, as it embraces me.

Lawe i ka maalea i kuonoono.
“Take Wisdom and Make it Deep.”

Take the Pono Pledge ( and see how you can apply it to your life. 

Black Sand Beach Renee Tsang Travel

I’ve taken the Pono Pledge. Have you?

Want to visit the Hawaiian Islands to experience the Aloha Spirit yourself, let me know how I can help! Contact me today and let’s see how we can get started!

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