Spend Some Time in Cincinatti


Spend Some Time in Cincinatti

Every city and state has its charms, filled with great people and plentiful things to do. Cincinnati is no different!

If it has been on your list for a while, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet – this is your sign to get to it! 

Let’s say you have a few hours, or maybe a day or two – where should you be heading? What should I eat? Don’t worry, here is the short, sharp suggestions list. 

Findlay Market

If the smell of sizzling meats is enough to have you floating down the street, then Findlay Market is a must for you. It is a busy hot spot, but completely unmissable too! 

Are you in the mood to shop until you drop, eat incredible food and mix it up with the locals? This is the place for you. You’ll leave with bags brimming with cheese, desserts, meats, and more. 

It isn’t just about the food though, if you love to pick up handmade items as you travel, the Findlay Market offers you the opportunity to make the most of that with plenty of stalls. 

BB Riverboats

If you get seasick – this is one to miss! If you don’t, though, you should be sure to get a ticket and go on an Ohio River crossing. 

It’s not a fast-paced excursion, so it is better suited to those in a rush. However, there are many themes that you can choose from; one of the most popular is the Stonebrook Winery Sunset Cruise – ultra-romantic. 

You can make the riverboat cruise extra decadent with platters of fresh seafood and delectable cocktails too. 

Sweet spot

One of the most joyful things about visiting new countries or states is that each will have its unique twist on a delicious sweet treat. It might be a flaky pastry or soft and gooey cookies! Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it in Cincinnati. 

For cookies, head directly to Donna’s Gourmet Cookies – they are warm, buttery, gooey, and delicious. Not to mention huge!

Perhaps you are looking for a smaller, more delicate bite, in which case the Macaron Bar specializes in macarons. 

If crepes and coffee are more your speed, then Crepe World has exactly what you need—serving up gourmet coffee blends, including a Dirty Chai, and their signature Crepe World Latte. 

Krohn Conservatory

Botanical gardens are known for being relaxing and filled with stunning plants, fish, and sometimes birds. The Krohn Conservatory has beautiful exotic offerings, including cacao trees, 75 different orchids, and a dry ecosystem. 

You’ll be transported to the middle of the rainforest for an afternoon, and your phone camera might well be worn out by the end of the day. 

A Moment of Eden

If you need a few moments away from the busy city life, then Eden park is a little piece of paradise. 

Eden Park offers up a stunning green oasis filled with picnic areas, trails or simply take a seat on the grass and pause for a moment. 

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