First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Ideal Honeymoon to Make it More Magic

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Ideal Honeymoon to Make it More Magic

Wedding planning can be a wild and not always romantic time in a couple’s lives. Far from daydreaming about a romantic lifelong commitment, the chances are that you’ve spent months bickering about table placements and timings. Luckily, your honeymoon is on the horizon to wash all that worry away and remind you why you love each other. All you need to do is decide on the ideal destination to feel those benefits. 

Sadly, many couples find that the need to pick a honeymoon location amid everything else is too much to handle. But, fear not; there are simple ways to make the planning process that bit easier. And, you can bet you’ll be glad you made the effort once you finally settle down on that balcony!

# 1 – Go somewhere that’s significant to you as a couple

This is the most romantic trip you’ll ever take, so it makes sense you want to head somewhere fresh and groundbreaking. In reality, though, your honeymoon is less about the destination and more about those fluttering feelings of love. As such, simplifying the process by choosing somewhere significant that you’ve already been could be best. If you went to Rome for your first trip together, for instance, heading back now could remind you of how heady your new love was. Or, if your engagement happened abroad, why not go back to the same place? Though it may seem surprisingly obvious, you’d be amazed by how much this revisiting technique can set your honeymoon on fire. 

# 2 – Seek somewhere secluded

If you are looking for somewhere entirely new, narrow down the list by seeking secluded spots. Romance will be pretty hard to achieve on a crowded Spanish beach, after all. By comparison, a quiet location like Fiji could see you and your new spouse flying solo on white beaches to die for. For proof, you can read about the best beaches in Fiji here though, of course, this isn’t the only archipelago worth your honeymoon attention. Other quiet, dream romantic destinations include the Bahamas, The Maldives, and more. 

# 3 – Commit to somewhere off the bucket list

If all else fails, turn to your bucket lists. Your honeymoon is a special occasion, after all, and it deserves a location that means a lot. What’s more, asking for money instead of gifts for your wedding means that you might be able to afford those typically out of reach countries. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you both agree with this choice but, given that you’re in tune enough to agree to a marriage, the chances are that there’ll be at least some dream destination crossovers that you can finally take advantage of.

Remember, too, that your honeymoon will be perfect no matter where you go. You will, after all, be a married couple at last, sunning it up in the most fantastic way possible. So, don’t put such pressure on this decision, then sit back and enjoy the ride!

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