7 Handy Apps for Travellers

7 Handy Apps for Travellers

With a new year upon us, it’s likely that the keen travelers out there are starting to plan their 2020 trips. Some of us are great at getting organised for a trip, while others always tend to leave it to the last minute. Wherever you fall on the scale, these six apps certainly make travelling life a whole lot easier. 

1 . Packpoint 

Ever feel stressed figuring out what to pack and, more importantly- how much to pack? Well, not anymore! Packpoint is an app that tells you exactly what you should bring using info about how long you are away, your trip activities, and the weather. You can also input info about laundry facilities so that these can be accounted for in your packing plans. (Packing has never been so much fun)!

2. Hopper

Hopper is a super handy app that allows you to find the cheapest flights available for your travels. If you can be flexible with your dates, Hopper is ideal to get organised. First, you put in where you live and then the destination which you want to travel to. From here, Hopper presents you with a calendar of the year ahead to show average prices. You’ll see the less expensive options colour coded in green, with the more expensive ranging from orange to red. With Hopper, you can watch certain trips and receive price updates. There’s also a useful price predictor, providing info on which prices are likely to go up or down. With Hopper, you’ll know if it’s best to book now or wait to get the best deal.

3. TripIt

For those who struggle to get organised, TripIt has got you covered. Here you can keep all of your different itineraries and docs in the same place. When you make a reservation, you can have it sent to the app so you can view all of your bookings here. From your flight to your hotel and car rental, etc. TripIt keeps everything together. The app creates you a personalised schedule showing you exactly where you need to be at each point of your trip. You’ll access maps of terminals and airports plus TripIt can show you the neighbourhood safety scores. It’s easy to sync or share your trips with your fellow travellers or colleagues if appropriate. 

4. Airbnb 

Good old Airbnb is a must-have app for all of the travel-happy people out there. The app makes it super easy to find rooms, whether private or in a shared home with the Airbnb host. Airbnb is handy to track where you’ll be staying and remain in contact with your hosts as appropriate. It’s also easy to book accommodation at the last minute, which is particularly handy if your plans are sporadic. With Airbnb, you can also find plenty of other handy features for travelers, from tours to access in your chosen destination to easy restaurant reservations.

5. TripLingo

TripLingo is an awesome way to get prepared for your chosen destinations. First, you select where you are visiting and access a country pack that you can download. Perhaps you’re travelling to Spain, for example, TripLingo provides a voice translator (to translate your voice into Spanish). You’ll also get plenty of key phrases to learn, and useful advice on everything from cultural norms to local nightlife. With TripLingo, you’ll be talking the talk and learning new things in no time at all! It’s never been easier to explore your ideal bucket list destinations.

6. Meetup

Meetup is a fantastic way to make friends with other travelers or locals. You can search using your current city to find Meetup groups for a wide range of activities and themes, from hiking to cooking, dance, or yoga. These are just a few of the type of Meetups you’ll find! Groups will vary depending on where you are travelling and there so many to give a try. If you are a solo traveler especially, Meetup is an excellent way to find others in the same boat. Whether it’s to Explore Southeast Asia or discover the magic of Rome, Meetup can help you to find your people. 

7. Triposo

Triposo eliminates the need for a guide book and allows you to get walks and guides on your phone (plus maps too). With Triposo, you’ll get city info, safety tips, and you’ll always know exactly where the key monuments are and how to find them. You can book activities and hotels, all with a few clicks.

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