Cooking with Collette! Travel professionals supporting Made by Momma

Cooking with Collette! Travel professionals supporting Made by Momma

It’s not every day you get to be a celebrity chef at Atco Blue Flame Kitchen!

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All in good fun though! When you combine so many of my favourite things together (wine, food, cooking, travel friends and supporting a great cause), it becomes an evening that is rewarding and memorable in so many ways.

Collette Tours, one of our travel partners sponsored an evening for us travel agents to come together for an evening of cooking and making meals to support a local Calgary charity, Made by Momma, a grassroots organization run 100% by volunteers to help families in need.

And the  Atco Blue Flame Kitchen offers fun cooking classes regularly to learn to cook, and have some fun making meals together.

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Centre Holidays agents with Brent Jeffrey, Collette Tours

Cooking with Collette Renee Tsang Travel


Much thanks to Brent Jeffrey and Collette Tours for hosting this event and supporting such a valuable organization in Calgary!

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