5 Trips for Travelling on a Budget

5 Trips for Travelling on a Budget

If your heart is set on travelling, but your bank account is telling you a big, stern no, don’t worry. You can appease your pocket and still have the adventure of a lifetime. Travelling on a budget is much easier than you might think; here are some great tips to get you started.

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need 

You can blow a lot of your budget before you even leave the country if you go out shopping for essential travel-related items to take on your trip with you. Advertising is a clever thing, and it will make you think you need a lot of super items that you really don’t. If you buy them, they’ll likely end up not being used at all – just think what you could have spent that money on if you had saved it. Do your research and only buy what you need. 

Don’t Buy Western Food

Assuming you are travelling somewhere across the other side of the world, the best thing you can do when it comes to saving money on food is to eat what the locals eat. If you’re tempted to have a taste of home and want a pizza, burger, fries, even a kebab, you’ll be paying over the odds for it. You can get two, or perhaps even three or more (depending on where you are) locally produced meals for the same price as one Western-influenced one. 

Search For Bargains 

Don’t just book the first flight that looks as though it will get you to where you want to go. It’s far better to compare different flights to ensure you are paying the best possible price for what you want. The same goes for hotels, motels, hostels, or anywhere else you might want to rest your head for the night. Sometimes you might not have a choice, but if you can do some research in advance and book ahead of schedule, you should be a lot more comfortable. 

Don’t Be Such A Tourist 

Although one of the reasons for wanting to go travelling is probably that you want to see the sights and the sites of interest – the ones that you’ve seen on TV, in films, and read about in books. Remember, though, there will be a lot more to see if you take a detour from the well-worn tourist trail and look for adventure elsewhere – you could do anything from paddleboarding in St. Augustine to exploring caves in the rainforest or whatever else your heart might desire. It will also usually be cheaper than sticking to the more famous tourist attractions. Travelling is all about experiences, so this is your chance to find some. 

Have Some Early Nights 

Partying every night can soon drain your wallet, especially if you are drinking alcohol which is one of the number one expenses when it comes to travelling and backpacking. Have fun when you can, but try not to do so every night if possible, and get back to your hotel room at a reasonable time for a good night’s sleep. Far from being dull and boring, this will reset your mind and body for the day (and night) ahead, making you much more energized and focused. Plus, it will have saved you a night’s worth of partying costs. 

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