Walt Disney World: 10 days for less than 4 with the Canadian Resident’s Offer

Walt Disney World: 10 days for less than 4 with the Canadian Resident’s Offer

The Canadian Ticket Resident’s Offer announced last year for Walt Disney World has been extended to May 20, 2017 so there is still time to plan your visit to Disney World! Spend 10 days at Walt Disney World for less than the price of 4 days at the regular price!

A 4 day base ticket is available for $244 USD (compared to the regular price of $370 USD), offering a 34% savings from the regular ticket price. A 10 day base ticket is $300 USD with the Canadian Resident’s Offer, compared to the regular price of $460 USD. As a result, a 10 day base ticket is still cheaper than the regular price of the 4 day base ticket!


Special pricing for the Canadian Residents:

4 days = $370 (regular) $244 (discount)
5 days = $390 (regular) $255 (discount)
6 days = $410 (regular) $267 (discount)
7 days = $430 (regular) $278 (discount)
8 days = $440 (regular) $285 (discount)
9 days = $450 (regular) $293 (discount)
10 days = $460 (regular) $300 (discount)

* prices are based on the base tickets, in USD and do not include taxes

Upgrades to park hopper  tickets are available.

The offer is valid for ticket purchases of 4 days or more at Walt Disney World. Purchase by May 20, 2017 for use anytime as the tickets do not expire.

Tickets are valid only for Canadian Residents and proof of Canadian residency will be required at time of pick up at the Walt Disney World theme park ticket windows.

Tickets are sold as exchange tickets, which will be redeemed at the theme park Main Entrance for admission.

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Once tickets have been activated, they must be used within 14 days of first use.

Tickets can be combined with a room discount offer to maximize the savings on your vacation.

Prefer to pay in CAD? 

We can also build a customized package in CAD dollars if you prefer so that the exchange rate is already been factored in. There will be no surprises on your credit card bill as we have already figured out the math and you know EXACTLY what you will pay in CAD.

Contact me for your complimentary travel quote and we can get started on planning your Disney vacation!












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