Travel Extras Worth Getting

Travel Extras Worth Getting

Have you ever booked a holiday to find yourself suddenly bombarded with offers of extras? Do you want to book airport parking? Would you like a lounge pass at the airport or a flight upgrade? Would fast track check-in make your journey run more smoothly and ease your stress? Do you want a meal on the plan? Or some special treats? Would you like a special offer on a room upgrade when you arrive? It doesn’t stop there either, upon arrival you might be offered an upgrade on your meals, or the chance to book excursions. It can be easy to find that you’ve suddenly spent more on these added extras than you did on flights and accommodation.

But do you need them? Fast track check-in is rarely that much quicker than the regular queue, seen as it’s full of families with young children and large parties and sitting in the airport lounge might mean that you miss the joy of duty-free shopping and plane watching. That said, some travel extras can enhance your trip and are often worth the cost. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A Flight Upgrade

If you are only going to be on board for a couple of hours, then sitting in cramped seats might be worth it to save some money. But, if you are flying long-haul, you can quickly get tired, uncomfortable and achy. If you can afford an upgrade, your flight could be a lot more comfortable.

Meet and Greet Parking

Meet and greet airport parking can be a huge help, especially if you are traveling with kids or a lot of heavy luggage. You’ll be able to pull up, park near your terminal and simply drop off your keys.

A Photographer


You might return home from your trips with millions of photos on your phone. But, are any of them any good? Good enough to hang on your wall to help you to remember a special break? Hiring a vacation photographer in Kauai can be a great way to bring something special home to remember your travels.

Safety Features

There are always risks to traveling to unknown places. You’d probably take sensible precautions like being careful where you go, not walking alone at night, keeping your bag secure and locking your room door. But, paying for some extras, like a safe in your room, can also be a good idea.

A Fan

If you are staying in a fancy hotel, it’s bound to have air conditioning. But some of the more budget options won’t. But, they might offer to rent you a fan for the duration of your stay. In can be worth it not to have to try and sleep in a hot and stuffy room.

Booked Excursions

You might be keen to explore your destination on your own. To get off the beaten track, to go your own way and take your time. This can be fantastic. But it’s also unpredictable. Booked excursions give you a great way to see more, to do more with your time and to stay safe. Some will even give you plenty of time for a bit of exploring on your own.

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