Say Hello to San Diego!

Say Hello to San Diego!

If you have never been to San Diego, it’s definitely somewhere that needs to be on your travel bucket list. The city is tucked away right down at the bottom of California, just up from the Mexican border. It’s a really vibrant place to be, and there is plenty for tourists and visitors to see and do. 

Here are some of my favourite reasons to visit San Diego!

The Beaches

San Diego is blessed with perfect weather, and that means that there will be plenty of chance to head out to one of its many beaches. If you book a vacation rental that is close to one of the beaches, then every day can be a beach day! For surfers, you should check out the waves at Black’s Beach, while many young travelers like to spend their day on Pacific Beach before checking out the nearby nightlife. 

The City’s History

Thought to be the birthplace of California, San Diego is where the Spanish first settled in 1769. It is also where the very first of the Californian missions were built as well. As a result, there are many old buildings dotted around town, so you will be able to see some very historic architecture. Balboa Park is another spot that is historically notable as its where buildings were built for the 1915 Panama California Exposition. 

The Culinary Scene

Something else that San Diego is well-known for is its amazing food! Traditionally, San Diego didn’t have a completely impressive food scene but that has completely changed over the past decade. There are now lots of popular restaurants serving up some very delicious yet understated food. If you love casual dining that really hits the spot, then this is the city for you. It’s also one of the best cities in California to try some brilliant Mexican cuisine as well thanks to its proximity to the border. 

The Amazing Art

There’s a lot more to San Diego than its good weather and scenic beaches. It also has a thriving art and cultural scene as well! You can visit the San Diego Museum of Art as well as the Museum of Photogenic Arts. The Mingei International Museum and the Timken Museum feature some other great artistic exhibitions as well. It’s also worth exploring the city’s neighborhoods as some of them, such as Barrio Logan, feature some fantastic murals. 

Day Trips To Mexico

When you are in San Diego, you will be able to simply walk across the border to Mexico. So, lots of people visiting the city often take one or two day trips over the border so they can see some of Mexico as well. Tijuana is very close, and many younger travelers take a trip out there to experience its lively nightlife and authentic Mexican culture.

As you can see then, there are so many great things to see and do when you visit the city of San Diego. Why wait any longer – you can start planning your next trip right now!

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