Marvellous Malaysia

Marvellous Malaysia

Malaysia no longer stands in the shadow of its wealthier neighbour,  Singapore. Instead this fascinating and varied country has more than come into its own. You’ll still find gap students touring their way around the islands and popular hang outs but the country has also become the first choice of many families looking for a South East Asian getaway and some cultural flavour.

You could choose from many cities, from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur to the quieter Malacca but wherever you go, you’ll find great people, great food and plenty to see and do. We take a look at some of the more popular destinations.

Jonker Street

In the heart of Malacca you’ll find the best smells on the planet. As the sun sets the street food vendors start their evening of cooking. In the city’s Chinatown district, you’ll want to spend some time browsing the antique stalls and craft makers who ply their wares to tourists and locals alike.

Dive off one into one of the side streets and you’ll find tucked away restaurants and quickly find yourself away from the noise of this area in the evening.

Don’t just visit this fascinating city for Jonker Street, colonised by the Dutch, Portuguese, British and Japanese, this city has influences from across the world both in its architecture and in the food. 

Sit by the river for a quiet evening meal or take a ride downstream on a tour boat, Malacca is well worth at least a long weekend so make sure you don’t miss out.


If you’re looking for another Malaysian location to relax and roam around in then Penang is another fantastic spot. Penang island lies on the northwest coast of Malaysia and has Georgetown as its capital.

If you’re looking for tourist attractions nearby Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang you won’t be disappointed. In Penang you’ll find a great many buildings and attractions dating back to colonial times when the British took power, briefly lost it to the Japanese then wrestled it back post Second World War. Penang is sometimes known as the Silicon Valley of the East, thanks to its technological industry. It is something of a powerhouse in the Malaysian economy and this is reflected in the infrastructure on the island.

Here you’ll also find some beautiful nature spots such as the stunning Botanic Gardens and the City Park, as well as fascinating nature hikes and calm beaches. The city has something for everyone to enjoy from malls to architecture, parks to hawker food centres. You simply won’t be disappointed.

Just spending time in Malaysia, eating the street food and talking to the people who live and work there is a great experience. To top that off with fascinating attractions that speak of a bygone colonial era is the icing on the cake. Forget Singapore, forget Hong Kong, experience life in the most fascinating South East Asian country and spend your money and a great deal of your time in Malaysia.

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