America’s Secret: Miami Is A Tropical Paradise You Need To Explore!


America’s Secret: Miami Is A Tropical Paradise You Need To Explore!

Miami is often seen as the gateway into the rest of America. It’s easy to see why, not just because of its geographical peculiarity, but also, the sheer length of its beaches and harbours. It is also a one-stop dock for cruise ships that have travelled the entire length of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s primarily a tropical climate, with many palm trees, amazing lime green vegetation, incredible waves, and lots of fresh air coming in from the eastern coast. It does get hit by tornadoes and storms that come in from the sea, but it’s so used to this occurring, that it can heal in no time at all. When you are at ground level, it feels like paradise. So why haven’t you set foot in this amazing city yet?

Biscayne National Park

As one hilarious Google Review reads, ‘not much hiking, but lots of water activities to do.’ A very polite ‘well, duh’ is in order here but we’ll look past this. Yes, the Biscayne National Park is all about water activities. It covers a staggering 173,000 acres, and it’s a paradise that you have to see for yourself. A winding harbor that allows for powerboats, sailboats and cruising boats to be moored safely away from any gusts or waves from the ocean. The sandstone lighthouse is a great place to visit, while you’re enjoying an ice cream or having a beer. You can go snorkelling and explore the shallows, where turtles swimming and the exotic vibrant fish come to spawn and relax. The warm waters are great for swimming but you can also go sport fishing here, as long as you are catching and releasing. The coast guard drives around making sure people are safe and you’re obeying the harboring laws.

Shopping among the palms

Palm trees and lush vegetation, mixed in among a shopping mall? Yes, you can go shopping until you drop, in a ground-floor only mall, which is something out of a fantasy novel. Read the Upper Buena Vista’s guide and you’ll see that among the 23 unique things to do, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical island, with cafes, restaurants and amazing nightlife. Set in a tribal paradise mall, you can enjoy shopping for jewelry, incredible fashion and unique artisan foods. They also sell customized items such as poke bowls. If you love Asian cuisine, this kind of bowl is a must-have. You can have your own designs imprinted on the bowls, and have your own cutlery designs as well. They also do lots of customized clothing, such as tropical dresses, shirts and classic Americana hats. The Cuban factor is very real here, lots of vibrant clothes and an atmosphere of pure bliss relaxation.

Cuban cuisine

You might wonder when you land in Miami, why are there so many Cuban people living and working in one place? Well, it’s because thousands of Cuban people and families have been fleeing Cuba for a long time. Under the Communist regime, nothing but poverty and death increased and so, hundreds of people swam to America’s shores to gain their freedom. Now, they bring their delightful cuisine to Miami and have been a staple in the culture for many years. The Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine is world-famous for its brilliant dishes. With over 8,000 Google Reviews it has amassed a 4.5-star rating. This comes from people living both locally and tourists who have never tasted Cuban food before. They sell lime and lemon cocktails, fruit punch and pineapple martinis and that’s just the drinks. They also have fried spicy barbecue pork, roasted chillies served with a sour fruit sauce and rice. You can also expect some incredible monkfish and sea bass dishes, smothered in a chill tapenade, with lime and corn garnishing. 

Miami Design District

Miami wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for the fashion sector it has. In fact, during the 80s it was the leading city in the country for popular fashion, which everyone wore to the clubs and dance halls. The MDD is one of the most popular for designer fashion. You won’t find pieces they sell, anywhere else. All the local fashion designers sell their items here and some hope to catch on and start their own fashion labels someday. You could support them by buying a jacket, shirt or dress!

Miami is the tropical paradise we would all hope to visit someday. It’s not just a paradise buy a bustling hive or ingenuity and incredible innovation. We recommend that you hire a boat, sail around and take a dip in the shallow warm waters. Then go for a shopping spree, and relax at a cafe. Finish the night off with a walk on the beach and sip a cocktail as you watch the sunset.

Have you been to Miami? Would love to hear your favourites spots and recommendations to a newbie!

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