Tips on Staying in Touch on your next vacation

Tips on Staying in Touch on your next vacation

We’ve all been there; you go on holiday and think an odd text and phone call here and there won’t hurt. However, upon returning back home, you are hit with a mobile phone bill that has one more digit on the end compared to usual. Nobody wants to return from a vacation, whereby they have likely to have spent quite a bit of cash, only to fork out hundreds of pounds on phone charges.

Next time you go on holiday don’t take the risk. You may plan to only use your phone to send a couple of texts, yet there is no telling how much these are going to cost you. Mobile phone providers add on extortionate fees when their customers are outside of the country. A lot of these fees are hidden. And not only this, but the charges differ significantly from country to country too.

This is something you need to be especially aware of when backpacking from country-to-country. You can start your vacations with Metrojourneys and they can assist with matters like this; providing you with advice unique to your holiday.

Thankfully there is a solution that can ensure you can stay in touch with your loved ones while you are away without having to spend loads of cash. This solution is the use of international phone cards. International calling cards can be used all over the world. All you need to do is find your hotel phone or use a nearby public payphone. They are extremely easy to use. You simply purchase the card in the amount you desire; these are usually available in $5, $10, or $20. You insert the card and dial the person you wish to get in touch with. Not only is this method simple and easier than carrying around a mobile phone, but you will benefit from much better calling rates too. In most instances you can expect $10 to provide you with a bare minimum of two hours calling time. Of course your rates all depend on the country you are visiting.

One of the great things about using prepaid international phone cards is the fact that you can budget effectively. You will know exactly how much you have spent and there will be no nasty surprises in the form of phone bills. Not only this, but they are easily acquirable. Thus you will be able to purchase your phone cards from a whole host of different places. All you need to do is take a look on the internet now to see that this is the case. A final benefit worth noting is the fact that international phone cards are a lot safer. First and foremost, you don’t even have to take your mobile phone with you on holiday, and even if you do you can leave it in your hotel safe. After all, how many people have you heard of who lost or had their phone stolen whilst abroad? Not only this, but by using your mobile phone you run the risk of extortionate charges even if you are not calling or texting anyone. All you need is for your mobile to be switched on to fall victim to excessive data charges and like. 

Next time you go on holiday don’t face that dreaded moment of anxiously opening your phone bill upon return. Instead, ensure you don’t have any nasty surprises by using prepaid international phone cards.

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