Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Review: A Fun Fantastic Family Vacation!

Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Review: A Fun Fantastic Family Vacation!

One of the best parts of this job is hearing all about the wonderful experiences and memories that travellers create on their vacations! And in this instance, the experience was overall so amazing from one of my clients, that I wanted to share the reviews with you if you are considering the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum!

We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and hours spent helping us plan our fantastic family vacation at Grand Bahia Principe Tulum!   I am happy to share our experience and review of our trip…its a big one!

The Grand Bahia Principe Tulum was wonderful!  The resort(s) was HUGE and stunning, very clean, beautiful well taken care of landscape, stunning buildings, amazing “as-far-as-the-eye-can-see” shoreline and beach and clean spacious pools!  One thing that we thought was incredible was that we would see hundreds of people at the buffets, pools and shows but it never seemed crowded or loud anywhere!!  It was incredibly peaceful, even in the middle of the day when walking from pool to lobby to our rooms it felt like it was just us 4 and the birds and lizards lol.  It was always quiet at night and you could hear the waves.  

The pools at Tulum and Coba were great!  The temperature was perfect and they were always clean.  We defiantly chose right with Tulum over Coba!  The Coba pool was HUGE but much busier and there seemed to be a lot louder and more rowdy and intoxicated people and the swim up bar was always SUPER busy.  Tulum main pool was also Huge and it is beautiful; it winds between three different levels and there are a bunch of bars all around.  There were water activities going on all day and it was easy to participate and also lots of quiet space where nothing is going on!  The kids club offers kids water activities at Tulum twice a day and kids can just join in and come and go as they please, they dont have to be in the care of the kids club to participate which we LOVED!!!At Coba they have the Water park; Our Kids used the Water park twice and did enjoy it but preferred to play in the pool or Beach. It was a great option to have for a change.  I do think the best age for the water park is probably from ages 3-6.    
All pools had plenty of loungers and We never had a problem finding one, even when we came later in the day. 

The food was fantastic!  We only booked one Ala-cart restaurant, it was great and a nice change but we loved the buffets, we visited the buffets at both Tulum and Coba, we preferred Tulum, we found it a bit cleaner and better service.  At Tulum we Never had to wait for a seat at the buffet and the food was always AMAZING, so much to choose from, very tidy and items that were running low were never out for more than a couple minutes.  One thing I really appreciated as a vegetarian was that there were tons of options for me and if I had a question about something almost all the cooks and chefs spoke English.  

The servers were FANTASTIC!!  Treated our kids like royalty, made them special drinks, balloon animals, played games and joked with them.  We were also treated like royalty, after a couple of days the servers would remember you, welcome you by name and bring your your coffee how you like it or your favorite drink without you even having to ask!  They must see thousands of people and they manage to make you feel like you are the most important person there!  On our last day our server overheard us talking about our daughters birthday at breakfast (which was a week away) and that night at dinner they had a special table with balloons set up for us, they had cake, a hat and a special virgin birthday shot( he called it a Tequila BoobBoom so cute) lol and they sang to her all without us even knowing they had planned it! 

There is a 24 hour snack bar, it was right beside the smaller pool and right near our room.  It offered things like eggs, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, burgers and salads on a buffet from 630am-10pm and the items changes from breakfast to lunch to dinner and then they had a smaller buffet and offered made-to-order items like grilled cheese & nachos in the hours after 10pm.  They had 24 hour self server ice cream and pop , coffee and tea.  The bars had a great selection of drinks , The lobby bar at Tulum was always the busiest bar, they made the best mixed drinks but we usually didn’t go there to “grab a drink” because it took quite a while.  There are lots of beach and pool bars and almost all of them offer Self serve beer and rum and vodka to add to the mix from the Pina colada and strawberry slush machines.  My Kids LOVED that they could go grab their own slushy!!We Loved the Coba lobby!  It is stunning!!  A beautiful raised open area that looks out onto a row of palm trees and beautiful architecture.  The bar there was always quick and they also made beautiful fantastic mixed  drinks, there was quiet entertainment happening often, we really enjoyed the mariachi band they were amazing!  we stopped for table side Spanish coffee one afternoon also an incredible show and Yummy!!!

The entertainment and activities were great!  I did Morning Yoga at Akumal on the beach, it was incredible!  We went to all the shows and LOVED every one; They were very entertaining and fun and funny, always got our kids involved and the talent was amazing!   We never had a problem getting a seat and they offered drink service.  We did the Pirate Dinner on the beach.  This was probably our favorite part of the entire trip!  Definitely something to recommend to everyone going to Tulum or Coba!  It was great for kids and adults!  I can’t even really explain it. 

It was $30 for adults and $15 for kids and WELL worth that price.  I would have paid that and much more for the entertainment experience alone!  First you are greeted at the pools edge by a pirate who leads you down a torch lit path( if you are an adult, all the way down the path Pirates will make you drink a shot of tequila, if you oblige) to the beach where a Pirate ship is docked, giant wooden tables are set with drinks and your own pirate gear to wear!  The food is an impressive display or seafood and meats the size of a table carried in literally on a plank by 4 Pirates.  The drinks for adults keep coming in true pirate style, if you are a drinker, they “make you drink” or walk the plank!!  The Pirates are up close and personal, two sit at each table with you and are in character the entire time, engaging you in the story that is unfolding all around you as you eat!  There is a mermaid being captured and then rescued by Pirates, sword fighting(they even jump up on your table!), Fire eaters and acrobats, guns and fireworks!  The desert is a giant chocolate covered treasure chest filled with treats and keepsakes,  My son found an edible chocolate skeleton hand with a gold ring hidden down deep!  There is dancing and drinking, bare foot in the sand next to a docked Pirate ship, drinks keep flowing from a private bar and the entertainers stay to engage you even after the dinner has come and gone and the show is over.  It was AMAZING!!


The kids club.  We cant say much about the actual kids club Club because we never left our kids there.  We did go into the club to sign our kids up and look around.  It was a spacious area with lots of shade, sand and a play park.  They had lots of crafts and sports activities available.  The kids club had TONS of activities happening all over the resort, Tulum and Coba.  They had a schedule of events posted outside the club.  You could find out where and when an event was happening (iceceam social by the lobby, Dance party on the beach, water balloon fight at the main pool, Tie dye tshirts on the grass) and you could just show up and your kids could participate.  We LOVED this potion because the kids got to participate in all the fun activities and we got to have a drink and watch them or participate too if we wanted!  The kids club staff are INCREDIBLE!   They knew our kids names after day one and Always stopped to say hi and made them feel super special whenever they saw then anywhere on the resort!  

They have an entire day to celebrate kids and the buffet, lobby, and pool participate all day with extra things and treats.  Kids day is concluded with a HUGE carnival party at the end of the day in the beautiful Hacienda; they have carnival games, face painting, a buffet, Pinata, bouncy castles, performers and so much more all directed at the kids to make them feel very special! The activities and events available for kids are beyond compare!  

We LOVED the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum and Coba and Akumal!  We cant wait to go back next year!

Thank you so much

Tasha P & Family

Thanks so much for providing such a detailed and thorough review of your experience!!

If you are interested in more information about the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum or to receive a complimentary travel quote for your next vacation, let me know how I can help! Contact me today to help you plan!

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