Five Reasons to have a Staycation this Summer

Five Reasons to have a Staycation this Summer

Despite Coronavirus having a devastating impact on the travel industry, summer 2020 hasn’t fully been cancelled just yet. Local hotspots are set to experience a massive boom this summer with the staycation set to become the holiday style of the year, due to reduced holiday budgets and restrictions on travel abroad. This means that domestic holidays will once again be on the rise, especially once lockdown restrictions are lifted. 

A real vacation doesn’t have to mean going abroad. What it really means is having an escaping from the norm. So while we might have fewer options location wise this year, a camping vacation at home could actually be the perfect way to reset and enjoy the summer months, while discovering new nature hotspots in your own back door.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a camping staycation this summer

Get a fresh perspective on what your own country has to offer

So many of us dream of exotic adventures abroad, booking flights to other countries the first chance that we get, that we often take what’s around us for granted. Even if you feel that you’ve made the most of all that your local area has to offer, the truth is that there are probably many beautiful and fascinating sights, and nature hotspots, hidden away that you haven’t discovered yet. This is the perfect opportunity to re-discover and get to know your local area or venture even further into the country by taking a hike up to the mountains or unearthing some secluded and relaxing beaches. 

You get to truly relax 

You might just find that a staycation is the most relaxing holiday that you have ever had. Not that you don’t get to relax on vacations abroad as well, but travelling to and from the airport, worrying about passports and security, followed by a long plane journey can be pretty exhausting. Chances are that getting to your camping destination won’t take as long as making a trip abroad, meaning that you can relax for longer and won’t feel like you need another holiday to rest from the one you’ve just had, as soon as you get back. 

You are also likely to pack less, and use less technology such as your laptop or tablet, giving yourself the chance to really unplug and connect with your surroundings. You also don’t need to worry about any language barriers and have the luxury of knowing that anything you could ever need is just a stone’s throw away.

You can bring your pet

If you are a dog owner, in particular, you’ll be familiar with the headache of trying to find someone to look after your furry friend while you are away. With a staycation, this is one less thing you have to worry about as you can bring your dog along for the adventure! You won’t have to suffer any separation guilt or anxiety, and with all the time that you’ll be spending outdoors going for long walks, your dog will be in absolute heaven – after all your dog deserves a holiday too. 

It’s a great excuse to invest in some new camping equipment

A staycation is always a good reason to upgrade your existing camping or hiking gear or to make that first purchase if you are a first-timer. Chances are that you will go camping more than once in your life, and even if you and your family aren’t regular campers, you can always set up your tent at home for some backyard camping with the kids. Tents like this best 8 person tent are perfect for families and big groups of friends, providing you with tonnes of space for a comfy nights sleep.

You get to help your economy 

Last but not least, by choosing to holiday at home, you are helping to support your local communities by putting money back into your own economy, something that is becoming increasingly more important as the real effect of Covid-19 on our economies start to become apparent. 

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