5 Must Have Items for your Outdoorsy Adventures

5 Must Have Items for your Outdoorsy Adventures

As we all start breathing again, it’s time to dust off your hiking boots and get back into the great outdoors.  Or rather, as countries insist on being as inconsistent as humanly possible with travel regulations, it is perhaps more accurate to say:  It’s time to get into your great outdoors and discover the hidden paradise that is the great American wilderness.  But whether you’re hitting the forests or “glamping” is the only way you rough it, you’re still going to need some gear to keep you safe.  So here are the top 5 must-haves for your great American outdoor adventure.


This is so not the time to be trying to convince everyone of your “unbeatable” record in being able to know “exactly where you are” just by looking at a stick.  If you’re planning on getting into the great outdoors and exploring our forests, deserts, and open plains then you’re going to want to take some type of navigational equipment with you.  These days, there’s no excuse.  Given that you can get relatively simple GPS-type equipment that doesn’t need cell service to operate, you’ll never have to worry about being lost again. 


This extends way past just sunscreen.  If you’re going to be out exploring in sunnier areas like the deserts of California or Nevada or even (yep) up in Alaska, you will be needing some decent gear to keep you safe from the sun.  Think UPF clothing, tents with sun protection, and sunglasses that block harmful sun rays.  All of these (along with your scent-free suncream) make a long hard trek so much more comfortable, and safe.


You want as lightweight as possible with loads of storage possibilities.  Durable material and sturdy construction.  Something like this small tactical backpack for example, or if you’re going for longer periods also think about investing in backpacks that charge your devices and carry water.  When it comes to survival gear, two is one, and one is none so make sure that whatever you’re packing into your pack, your partner or friend has at least one of, too.


You might think that this is something you’ll only have to worry about on Safari, checking out wildlife, but you just can’t overestimate the value of water – until you don’t have it.  Save on precious packing space by stocking up on water purifiers.  Depending on your needs and how sophisticated you want to get, you can go from fairly basic “life-straws” to equipment that can make liters of freshwater out of lake or stream water.  Do some research and get some good advice before you go.


Any intrepid adventurer will tell you, that would you get lost or have to set up camp due to adverse weather or some other reason, a fire will not just keep you warm but instantly lift your morale too. So you want to make sure that you have enough lighters and matches to see you through potential needs.

It should be self-explanatory these days, but just in case this gets a very honorable mention:  communication devices and additional power sources.  Your life could become a lot more complicated than just not being able to play CandyCrush so invest well in these.

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