Travel Consulting


Are you a Do-It-Yourself Planner and prefer to book everything on your own? We can still help! We have travel consulting packages available so you can still access the travel expertise with a personal trip consultant but maintain control over your own travel bookings. We work with you to help you plan your trip by providing recommendations, suggestions and advice so you can plan your trip easily!

Just booked your vacation but not paid in full yet? Depending on the vacation package, cruises and Disney vacations can be transferred to our agency if it is within 30 days of booking and not paid in full. Inquire with us about transferring your booking to us so we can help you with the planning.

Already booked but just want to double check details? Itinerary review packages are also available if you would like a travel expert to review your itinerary and see if there are any issues, concerns or suggestions to improve efficiency or ideas to maximize your vacation time and minimize travel concerns.

We know there are plenty of options to book your vacation but I would like to encourage you to consider booking with us, Centre Holidays, to provide you with a full service travel agency experience, with personal and customized travel planning assistance and expertise.

Contact us today to see which options works best for you!


“Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage”
~ Paulo Coelho

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